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New Love Danielle.com Gallery

Here is a quick gallery for LoveDanielle.com

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New girl on the block, LoveDanielle.com

Gotta Love Teen Danielle Picture

That’s right, we have a new girl on the block. Allow me to be the first to introduce you to, Danielle from LoveDanielle.com. Her tour is a bit weird, and out of the ordinary with the big pics how they are, but the site was well worth the $$. Especially with the weekly updates and the chance that she and Nadia could just make out one day..

I checked out a few of her pics, and here are some that caught my eye. As you know from Little Nadia, I’m a big fan of the teens wearing a man’s shirt. I’m not sure why, but I think it is pretty hot. If you agree, or disagree, let me know!

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