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We lost of a few of the Nubile’s Girls :(

Sadly, I received an email from the great guys over at Nubile’s. This is the important part:

We have removed the following girls from our site: Briana, Emily, Laura, Martina, Milena, Miya, Samara, Selena, Sonya ,Violeta.

I’m sorry, they will be missed :(. Especially Nubile Laura, she was one of my favorites.

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Petite Laura – Pretty Sexy

Before I first looked over the many pictures and videos of Laura, I didn’t think I would be a huge fan of hers, but after getting to really dig deep and spend hours at her site I have made sure to visit the site a few times a week. You can tell that she is a teen that comes off shy, but on some picture sets you can really tell she has somewhat of a naughty side. And if there is a naughty side, I’m even more interested. We figured we would give you a little behind the scenes Q & A with the sexy teen Laura.

What is the first thought you remember about your body developing into a women?
I was late to start developing so I was awkward with myself when everyone else was settling in to their changes. I was embarassed about my breasts developing because I didn’t get a training bra for a long time and some of the boys would tease me.

What do you look for in a guy?
I want someone gentle and caring. I would like someone who is affectionate and caring and someone who can make me smile.

What was your first time like a guy with?
Click here to read the very interesting answer .

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